Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yarn/Needle Order is Here!

When I began sock knitting 2 1/2 pairs ago, I had no small needles. I bought some Addi 3 circulars at the only place within many miles that approximates being an LYS. I have since added a set of Addi 2s. After reading posts on forums, I decided to add sizes in the Knitpicks needles. They came yesterday. Now I have 1s and 0s, and I have some 32" needles to try magic loop as well. (I know that's shorter than recommended, but several people had written that they were using that length.) I also have been petting yarn--the Essentials tweed in Plum and Flint.

When I was in upper elementary school in about 1960 or so, grey wool stitched down box-pleated skirts were the style. My mother was an excellent seamstress, and we found some grey wool that was absolutely gorgeous. It was the grey flannel that everyone had, but there were occasional tiny flecks of all different colors. I had some twinsets in some of those different colors, and the skirt became my favorite garment. I walked home for lunch one day, and my Uncle Glenn, one of my favorite people, was here visiting. On my way back to school, I was attacked by a large dog, who came running out of an open garage and grabbed my skirt in his teeth. I used the classic female response--I hit him with my purse and ran like crazy. Fortunately, he did not chase me. My beautiful skirt, however, was ripped all the way down a side pleat. I was heartbroken. My mother got me in a new outfit, and Uncle Glenn drove me back to school. I mourned the loss of my skirt all afternoon. After school, however, I discovered that Mother had not only taken care of things with the dog's owner, but she had also used a scrap of the wool to remove and replace an entire box pleat, hiding the seam inside the inner pleat crease. Thanks to her hard work and a generous hem, I was able to wear the skirt the next year as well. The Flint sock yarn reminds me of that skirt. I know I'll think about that day and my mother's love whenever I wear those socks.

Now if I could only stay home and knit it today!

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