Sunday, September 17, 2006

Big Projects on Hold

Right now things are so hectic in my life that I've postponed the lace socks in favor of just knitting basic ones. I'm also carrying quickie projects with me for security, I guess. Here is my first one--a Mason-Dixon Ball Band dishcloth. I stocked up on Sugar & Cream on sale at Ben Franklin's the other day, so I'm good to go for several more of these.

I also have been eyeing the Mason-Dixon baby kimono. In fact, I have some "nice" cotton on order for one, but I picked up some Bernat Satin acrylic at Jo-Ann's yesterday in baby colors and started one of those. I'm definitely in a "knitting as therapy" mode right now. Besides, acrylic is nice and washable for a baby and all those little "disasters."

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