Friday, September 01, 2006


I finally have more than one project on needles. I had just been working on socks while I recuperated from gall bladder surgery. After my first week back at work, I came home this afternoon and started two other projects. One of them is a mystery dishcloth/washcloth KAL from LoneStarState Knitters. The second is the CHAP Child's Aran Sweater KAL. I had some quality acrylic ecru yarn in my stash, so I'm knitting the sweater from that. However, I need to make two of these for cousins. Is there such a thing as second sweater syndrome? Should I perhaps knit back-back, front-front, 4 sleeves, instead of finishing one sweater and then going for a second?

Of course, there are still socks. I have almost finished the gusset decreases on the second sock of a pair of Regia socks for myself. I wore the socks in school colors today and showed them to team members. I'm not sure how impressed they were, but they didn't question my school spirit.

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