Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poncho and Socks

Well, I finished knitting the poncho. The shape is not quite right, but I'm hoping blocking will give it some "shoulders" and get rid of the straitjacket effect it has right now. I haven't yet cut the fringe. The color is very pretty--that is "my" color. I would have been through scooner, but I watched the NASCAR race from Richmond Saturday night. I'm not even particularly a race fan, but I got interested and kept knitting, not seeing a mistake for several rows--not sure how far back I had to tink, but it took me 79 laps to do it!

I started Knitty Hedera last night. I had been without socks on needles for a week! I'm using KnitPicks Essentials Tweed in a lovely plum color. The yarn is so soft and feels really nice to knit even though I always find the top ribbing fiddly and slow-going. I think one reason is that I always feel the need to knit more tightly on that part of the sock. I hope I will be able to convert this DP pattern to circulars successfully.

I'm using the KP circular needles for the first time. I really like them because the tips are more pointed--this is my first pair on size 1's--and the metal part of the needle is a little longer, giving my hands more to hold on to than my small size Addis. I do not hold my needles correctly--learned to knit as a 9-year-old from another 9-year-old--so my grip is a little different. All in all, I'm very pleased with both the needles and the yarn. Tonight I get to start on pattern! Yippee!

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