Sunday, September 24, 2006

Progress Report

In between grading papers, I have been working diligently on a Big Black Sock for Socks for Soldiers. I am putting in an hour a day, but ribbing goes slowly. This is also my first attempt at Magic Loop. It seems to be going well, but the black yarn is an eyestrain. Thank heavens for my Ott lite!

I also whipped out the Bernat Satin MD Baby Kimono. The yarn was wonderful to work with--it was soooo smooth and soft, and I like the way the colors blended together instead of looking spotted like many variegated baby yarns. However, I thought the end product was a little heavy for our climate here. This was definitely a "girly" colorway, so I'm passing the kimono--knitted, but "undecorated"--along to my dear SIL. She is going to personalize it for an expected DGD. The bulkier weight will be just right for her needs. I sent her a list of all the different ways I had seen this kimono finished on the Mason Dixon KAL.

I also just wet blocked the poncho that I knitted for myself out of Wool of the Andes. I tried it on before blocking, and it resembled . . . .

One time when I was a preteen and before the days of pantyhose, a friend's parents invited me to go with them to a musical production at a nearby university. I wanted to be very dressed up, so I wore my new wool skirt--the gray pleated one mentioned in a former post--and my best twinset. I also "borrowed" my mother's new girdle. This was the one she hadn't yet worn because she hadn't broken it in by stretching it over the back of a chair as she usually did. Understand that this was a girdle, NOT a panty girdle. For those of you who are young, it was basically a rubberized tube that went from waist to mid-thigh with metal garters on the bottom to clip on to stockings. I wore the girdle to the event. What I had not considered was that without stockings, the girdle would begin rolling into a tight sausage roll that would end up around my upper hips every time I moved the wrong way. I made it to the first intermission, went to the rest room with my friend, and adjusted the problem. During the second act the same thing happened. This was particularly disconcerting because this was a theater in the round production and we had front row seats. By the second intermission, I gave up, and we managed to stuff the offending garment into one of our purses. Unfortunately, my friend's little sister found out what we were doing and blabbed the story to her mother, who giggled about it with her husband all the way home.

Anyway, that is exactly what this poncho was like. If I wiggled a little finger--couldn't wiggle an elbow because they were clamped to my sides--the stockinette began rolling up and up. It did, however, relax nicely when wet, so I have hopes. I will still need to fringe it when it dries.

After my frustration with Hedera, I decided I needed to try a simpler lace project, so I've begun Branching Out. I'm hoping to learn to follow a chart, but my first two motifs have been done by following the written instructions. I am using some blue-gray Silky Wool. It's not as hard as I thought it would be, but I am running lifelines at the end of each motif in case I have to frog, and I have used one already.

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Soonerbeknitting said...

I really enjoyed the Branching Out that I did - by the time I got about halfway through the first one, I had a good chunk of the pattern memorized. Hope you enjoy it as well. Sounds like you're getting a lot of projects finished - I'm envious!

I had forgotten that you teach at Friona - it would have been fun to meet at the game, but my husband had some medical tests run and I wasn't at school that day.