Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mini Cosleeper Cover

My dd is going to be using a mini cosleeper that attaches to the parents' bed for the new baby girl who is on the way. The full-size cosleepers come with a cover, but the minis are a fabric that is supposed to be surface washable. We decided it needed a cover that was totally washable to protect against accidents. I studied the design of the covers from internet pictures, and my daughter found a reversible quilted fabric that coordinates with her bedroom and still looks girly. It is short so that all the nifty storage pockets and compartments can be available.
I added one more elasticized pocket at mom's request to hold an extra pacifier or two for a middle-of-the-night emergency. The long flap in the front will come up over the side if it is raised to use as a regular bassinet; otherwise, it will be sandwiched between the parents' bed and the cosleeper. I wanted to make big fluffy bows on the tie-ons, but I stuck with the recommended 7-inches of ribbon that are supposed to be safe, Of course, I also prewashed the fabric, giving the quilted roses a lovely antique quality. The fabric came from Joann's, and I used Wrights quilt binding and double-fold wide bias tape.

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