Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Short Report

Socks for Soldiers--slow but steady progress on first sock
Socktoberfest 2006--Almost to toe on first sock.
Mason/Dixon baby kimono--Need more yarn for second front, will pick it up on Sunday from dd's house.
Branching Out--finished skein, only to discover scarf was very short. It seems Silky Tweed, which I was using, has fewer yards per skein than Silky Wool. Fortunately, the retailer has more of the same dyelot, so I'm waiting for it to come in.
Organization--bought a worm binder with a rather attractive polar bear on the outside at Academy. I also got extra bags for the inside. I have sorted all my circular needles and labeled each bag with the American and metric size. There are also a few extra bags for my knitting tools.

I am laundering my special "spirit socks" for school tomorrow. Some of the boys on the team always want to know if I am wearing them. One of them even insisted that I not wear them on the Friday that we didn't have a game--he didn't want to waste them. Considering that some of these students had reputations for being difficult to handle in the past, this pair of socks may be the best investment I have ever made in a knitting project!

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Soonerbeknitting said...

You make me want to finish my gold and black socks. I started last year, but the yarn was more yellow than gold, so I just put them away. Maybe I could get them done by Friday??

It is nice that your students notice your knitting.