Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knitting in Public

I HAVE actually been faithfully knitting since my last post. I've been struggling with a lace project for Lacevember, almost finished a Mason-Dixon baby kimono (ribbons will go on today), worked diligently off-and-on (Is that an oxymoron?) on my BBS, and almost finished a sock in the new Online Highland Colors. Oh, and I also knitted my first MD hexagonal bobbled dishcloth.

The last couple of weeks, however, have been difficult at work with afterschool meetings and an out-of-town workshop. At least the workshop offered me the opportunity to knit in public for a little while. I'm NOT rude enough to knit during the workshop, and it was hands-on anyway, but I did knit on my sock before and during breaks. The lack of finished projects is beginning to bug me.

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