Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Happened!

You know that moment when you realize you just sounded exactly like your mother? Well, I just realized that my stack of Christmas presents looks exactly like what my grandmother used to do. I must admit, though, that that is not really a bad thing. My family is not going to get together for Christmas until the 27th this year, so this morning, while the rest of the world unwrapped presents, I was wrapping mine or getting them out from their hiding places.

All through my childhood, my grandmother, who was a widow, shopped for Christmas all year long. She did not drive her car out of town, so whenever she was out to a larger town with friends, she would buy things for Christmas. Her gifts were most often of a practical nature--a pretty pair of socks, a nice pair of underwear, a pretty hankie, etc. She would bring them home and immediately wrap them in Christmas paper and put them on the bed in the guest bedroom--kept closed to save on heating and cooling. I often spent the day at her house, and I would always sneak in to take a look and guess what was in the packages. As a result of Grandma's shopping style, we all grew used to BIG piles of packages under the tree. Today I looked at the gifts for my grandchildren which I have been hiding away in the linen closet for some time and saw not one big nice present, but lots and lots of little packages. I remember the anticipation and the fun I had as a child opening each gift from Grandma. I think for her the Christmas Spirit lasted all year.

I will add celebrating Christmas to the list of things I learned from this remarkable woman who taught me embroidery and how to make my own paper dolls and how to feed chickens and how to love a grandchild.

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