Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yippee! I have a wheel!

Here it is, my "new" used Ashford Traveller. I am sooooo excited. There are no spinning guilds in this area that I can find, so I am going to have to teach myself to spin. I got the wheel from Brenda at She suggested Hands On Spinning, so I plan to follow the instructions in that book. I am going to start treadling practice this week, and then we'll see how it goes from there. I have some spindle spinning that I want to finish as well, and I am baby knitting and sewing. Since I'm a full-time teacher, it's sometimes hard to work in all the fun stuff.


~Sherie~ said...

WooHoo, your wheel looks terrific! I got mine on Saturday and am already loving it! I got Hands on Spinning too (waiting for it to come in). Now we're definitely going to have to meet up and spin together. Maybe we can help each other.

Oh, I have pics of my wheel on my blog-

LaVerna said...

I am so jealous!I have wanted to get a spinning wheel and try my hand at spinning.
I am in the Texas Panhandle.I live very near Canyon.If you are near me we should get together sometime and knit.I haven't met many knitters in this part of the world at all.I am excited to finally meet another one!