Saturday, March 31, 2007

At Last!

I finished knitting the blue Knitting P&S sweater--at least as far as I intend to go for the moment. I knitted it to have a model to judge sizing. It is much too warm to wear right now, so I am going to put it aside and follow Elizabeth Zimmermann's idea of knitting sleeve and bottom ribbing that really fits well next fall in case the sweater is a little big by then.

I finished a dress for my DGD this afternoon. It is of cotton from my stash. The pattern is adapted from Wendy Schoen's Alice--a loosefitting T-top dress. I did use heirloom techniques--you can see the corded pintucks, French lace on the scallops, and the machine pinstitching in the detail photo. You can also see loose threads, alas. The gathered lace at the waistline is attached with entredeux, and the English lace on the bottom is pinstitched. Unfortunately, the heirloom work does not show up well on such a colorful fabric. The most important part is on the inside--a label that says "Grandma Loves Me."
This time of year is always busy at school. The English Language Arts testing is over, but we still have science, social studies, and math to go. My Advanced Placement English Literature class will take the AP test on May 10. There are also real privileges to working with seniors in the spring. It is a joy to see the progress they have made in the four years they've been with us. In fact, in such a small community, it's possible to see the progress of students you have known since they were infants.
We've had some special treats this last week with students who did well in UIL academic events and a One-Act Play that advanced. The students presented scenes from Lorca's Blood Wedding. They spoke both English and Spanish, included flamenco dancing at the wedding dance, and included his original songs from the play--all in a 37 minute production. It was quite impressive!

On the needles--1 pair of socks
On the machine--2 baby dresses for DGDs (lace shaping and embroidery finished on both)

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CatBookMom said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment about the Kroy sock yarn. I haven't tossed it yet, just put it into a basket to be joined by other items culled from the stash. It may go back into the sock yarn pile.

The dress is so cute, and the picture of your grands is adorable! I'll start reading more often.