Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grandchildren, FOs, WIPs, and Spring Break

I spent a wonderful Spring Break visiting with my children and playing with the grandchildren. Both of the babies are still at the cuddly age, and one of them is old enough to like to be talked to although it is still very difficult to coax a smile. The two that are almost four are growing up so fast!

Alas, tomorrow is a school day! I did, however, accomplish a few knitting things over the holiday. I finished DH's socks. He is modeling. They are from Regia mini ringel. I used black for the heels and toes because I was not sure that I would have enough yarn. I needn't have worried. The fit is perfect, and the grafting is the best yet, but there are some mistakes that I had to fix. Seeing stitches in this yarn was difficult. I needed my Ott lite, and sometimes I didn't have it. I did take extensive fitting notes so that I can knit some more socks for him. The socks are also gray, so they should count as another Project Spectrum item for February/March.

I also finished the clogs I started some time ago for my DD. Whenever I felt clogs, they always look lumpy until the recipient actually wears them. I see pictures on other blogs that have beautifully shaped shoes, but mine never are!

Finally, here are my current WIPs. The sweater is a Knitting Pure and Simple pullover that I'm knitting from some Paton's Classic Merino in my stash. The sock is "Roses for You," a 50/50 wool/Tencel blend from Susan's Spinning Bunny. (That's also the first skein wound with my new ball winder.)
My other big accomplishment over the holiday? I laundered my cell phone!

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