Sunday, April 22, 2007


I knitted whenever I had a chance yesterday on the ribwarmer. I got slightly less than half of the first half done--midway in the first set of short rows. Then I looked at the remaining yarn for that half and got suspicious. I didn't think I had enough. I put off weighing the remaining yarn until today. Guess what? I don't have enough yarn for this project this time either. I would have enough if I went back to the original size, I think. Until I lose more weight, however, the smaller size won't fit. I guess I'll put this away in my "losing weight rewards" stash and wait until later and reknit it. Chalk this one up to experience! I am madly socknitting in plain stockinette to soothe my nerves.

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Rennagayle said...

I saw your blog link in a post you made at Knitting Help. I'm a fellow Texan, only I'm on the other side of this big state of ours.

I love all your beautiful Kool-Aid dyed socks. I have got to learn to do that! Is that what you did for your clogs, too? I had planned on making my first pair in a solid color until I saw yours. They are gorgeous!

You have a bunch of cutie grandkids, too, I see. :-)