Saturday, April 21, 2007

FOs and Future Projects

("Future Projects" is a euphemism for "stash.")
These are the fitting socks for my DGS. If these fit, we will work together to dye some yarn with KoolAid to make him a pair of custom socks just like I did with his cousin. This time perhaps I'll have enough sense to know that 6 packages might be too many!

My stash enhancement. The one on the left is Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in Violet Heather. I am going to go through the Aran lessons on the FLAK KAL. I chose this yarn both because of the price and because it was the yarn used for the original sweater. Not having any LYSs around makes it hard sometimes to choose yarn. I can't do the feel tests. I haven't decided if I'm going to make a pullover or a cardigan, but I don't really have to decide until later anyway.

The sock yarns are from The Loopy Ewe--two Fleece Artist colors (Rose and Forest) and Lorna's Laces Black Purl. I have never knitted with either of these yarns, but I've read a lot about them, so I'm looking forward to the experience.
On the needles--a pair of socks for me from some Regia I shopped from stash and an Elizabeth Zimmermann ribwarmer vest of wool from Handpainted Yarn. I bought 2 skeins, started the project, decided I needed to resize so I ordered directions from Schoolhouse Press, started again and decided I did not have enough yarn. I ordered two more skeins, and of course, the dyelots are not the same, so I am rather tediously switching yarns every two rows. I love the yarn and the look of the fabric I'm getting. The alternating yarns are just adding more variation to the color--Emerald, but I really dislike doing anything that has two balls of yarn to get twisted up. That's probably why I'm never tempted to do two socks on the same needles even though I knit socks with circs or Magic Loop. It spoils the portablility of knitting. The yarn is lovely to work with. I am determined to finish this before beginning the Aran. If I have two many objects started (socks don't count), I feel pressured. Does that classify me as a "product knitter"?

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