Friday, April 13, 2007

Memories and Socks

When I used to stay at my grandma's house as a little girl, she would spend the afternoons crocheting. I always wanted to learn, but she was always afraid I would stick a hook into my finger, so she would only let me use the bone needles. My mother also crocheted. I have a few of their hooks that I keep in a special drawer and use when I am at home for picking up dropped stitches and picking up stitches for gussets. These precious needles do not travel with me--I have some modern aluminum ones in my knitting bags.
The quilt is a pattern that my mother called "Flower Girl." The two of them pieced and embroidered the top during the 1930s.

I have also finished a pair of socks from a merino/tencel blend from Susan's Spinning Bunny. Photos don't do justice to the richness of the colors--Roses for You. (Yes, the socks are actually the same size. Don't camera angles do funny things?) The pattern is the garter rib from SKS, with my usual heel and toe a la Yarn Harlot. The needle was KP Classics, size 1, Magic Loop.
The colorway in various shades of pinks and greens makes this my Project Spectrum project.

Yarn review--The yarn was a little springy while working, but it is wonderfully soft after washing and blocking. It has a sheen that is very nice. I have another color of the same yarn, and I can hardly wait to knit it.

I did find two knots about one yard apart when working the foot of the second sock. (The dyer recommended leg, leg, foot, foot, so that's what I did. ) It wasn't too much trouble to cut them out. I did not have any problems with pooling or flashing. I would definitely recommend this yarn.

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