Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Weekend Project

My DGD has a Britax Wizard car seat. These seats have a reputation for being very safe, and they are rather expensive. Unfortunately, just as her cover wore out, the company discontinued the Wizard for a new model and quit making replacement seat covers. The old cover was something of a hassle anyway, since the seat had to be removed from the vehicle and the straps undone to remove and replace the cover. My daughter asked me if I thought I could make one. She cut the old cover apart at the seams and figured out how to use velcro to make it easily removable for washing. My DGD selected cotton quilted fabric with "ballets" on it. We also added a second quilted layer and some extra thick padding for the headrest part. I am not sure exactly how many pieces that makes. I think somewhere between 25 and 30. It also would have helped if I had not sewn part of it together upside down and had to rip out. (Is it frogging if it's sewing?) Here is the finished product!

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Carrie said...

"My new carseat! My new carseat! It's so pretty. It's beautiful. I love it!"