Sunday, May 27, 2007

How do you know there's been a 4-year-old girl in the house?

The ceramic veggies that were in the bowl are now feeding the bunny!

Note: The quilt is my doll quilt made for me by my grandmother from flour sacks c. 1950.

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Panhandle Jane - Thanks for the advice - will begin asap getting the blog set up. I remember flying through Houston years ago & about died when I went outside the terminal. I don't envy your summer :"clean & toss", but I'll tell you what I did one summer. Every year I would box up stuff and move it to the attic (stuff you can live without but need a place to put them "until later". Famous last words! And this continued for how many years???
One year I decided it was me or the stuff. I hired one of the local kids to clear out the boxes and throw them directly to the trash bins without looking inside. If I hadn't missed anything all these years, then it meant I didn't need them. At last I can breathe OR I now have more room for my "new stuff". Seriously. I'm looking forward to the summer too. I teach fiberarts to kids (4th grade-HS) and we are working on our last projects for the year - felted bags, and then it is FIBERART TIME FOR ME - FULLTIME!!! Be well, from one grandmother to another. Srigah