Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In the Middle of Final Exams

Two more exams tomorrow, but through for today--graded, recorded, and exported. I'm intermittently cleaning up my classroom, trying to leave things in some sort of shape so that the waxing crew can move them into the hallway on Friday so that they can work.

Said goodbye to the seniors, except for the one class I have tomorrow. Some of these students were in a very special group that I had when they were sophomores. It's been wonderful seeing them grow up. Next year's seniors have several members that were in my last two-year-old Sunday School class. These are some of the joys of teaching in a small town.
In fact, I'm teaching in the same town in which I grew up in the same high school I attended.

I am both excited at the prospect of some time off to do family and fiber things and dreading all the housework things I need to do. My summer chores did not get done last summer due to health issues, and they have really mounted up. I have quite a list, mostly of the clean out and toss variety. I've decided to take one area a week and just be satisfied with getting as far as I can get before school starts in August.

On the fiber front--I have spun yarn on my wheel! (Her name is Matilda, after Matilda of Flanders, the wife of William the Conqueror. She herself was a descendant of Alfred the Great. Hey! I'm an English teacher after all. We'll just pretend that I don't know that spinning was on spindles in her day.) I had several samples of roving and a video. The singles are looking pretty good, although not as fine as I would like, but they are coming along. It did dawn on me after two spinning sessions that I was spinning, not with Corriedale or Merino, but with llama. I have not plied yet, but I did wind off the singles onto a niddy-noddy because I don't have extra bobbins. Some are coming in the mail.

I am on the second sock of the same pair--heel flap.

I have begun the Aran cable swatch again. It should be finished this evening, and if the gauge is right, the saddles will be next.

I also have quite a bit done on the Zimmermann sweater for my DGS. However, I have decided that it is going to be too closefitting. I am thinking of it as a swatch because I worked out a really nice stripe pattern that I am going to use. I ordered another skein of the camouflage yarn, which really is just an attractive color blend when knitted, not camouflagey at all, and I will start over promptly. Even if the skeins are not the same dyelot, it won't be noticed with the design I'm using. The pattern goes really fast. I am planning to go up a needle size so that it will be a little more drapey.

Review on the Knit Picks Options. I still love these needles, but I have had 2 cables which would not tighten; they just kept turning. The points worked fine on other cables. KP has been most courteous about sending out replacements. I was glad that I was at home when I discovered this instead of out some where with no backup cables.

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