Friday, June 15, 2007

Can this be where Fisher-Price got the idea?

My infant granddaughters love their musical cradle swings by Fisher Price. One has the Rainforest model with wildlife and moving leaves; the other, a model with bluebirds and butterflies. They are wonderful childcare devices, and you don't have to wind them up.

Here is Mother Nature's model. We have had swallows nest on our porch light for a few years to raise their babies. We just rinse off the mess they make and tolerate their presence because we appreciate the fact that they reduce the mosquito population. While washing dishes, I like watching the tiny blue and reddish parents swoop around the front yard in pursuit of insects. However, we now have another addition to the neighborhood. This nest is not attached to anything stable, just to the windchime. Last week we had 60+ -mile-an-hour winds! There is always a breeze in the Panhandle, and these chimes get a pretty good workout, but this nest is in active use.

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Rosie said...

Hi Panhandle, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I also have birds nesting on top of my porch light here in Indiana, I love watching the birds too. I really enjoy feeding the humming birds. Looks like that wind chime would really give your birds quite a ride. Stop by my sight again sometime. I've enjoyed look at all your entries. Ro The Knitting Grandma