Sunday, June 03, 2007

Color Trend?

This last week has been a real joy. Monday was a holiday for both my DH and me, so we got to spend a quiet day together. Tuesday and Wednesday were "grandma time" with two of my DGDs--aged 4 years and 4 months. Of course, I enjoyed the visit with my DD and DSIL as well. And I get to do it again this week!

On Friday, my DGS went to the library with me to sign up for the summer reading program. We came away with a Thomas the Tank Engine movie, two Thomas books, and another book about Trains. Guess what his interest is? We also had a green helium balloon and some ice cream. Alas, his little sister--3 months--greets anyone with screams who is not momma right now. That will change, however, and we can at least enjoy looking at her from across the room.

I have also been organizing and throwing away clutter. One of my goals is to declutter my walk-in closet so that it will actually BE a walk-in closet. I have a chest in it with shoe shelves and three drawers. One drawer is going to be for my handknit socks. Here it is. I actually have 3 more pair that are not pictured, but as you can see, I still have a long way to go.

I have finished the Magic Stripes socks. They are plain vanilla, but I know that after a few machine washings they will be extra fluffy and warm for next winter although the texture of the yarn when it's being knitted is something like string--not at all a pleasant knit.

Here's the back-in-progress to the FLAK KAL sweater. I am generally pleased with the cable definition and with the way the pattern is coming out to gauge so far; however, I either goofed with my Katcha-Katcha or a grandchild helped it along. I am going to have to study to figure out exactly what row I'm on. It shouldn't be too hard, but I couldn't do it and watch Deja Vu last night.

And, finally, here's my first "real" spinning on my wheel. This is Crown Mountain Farms pencil corriedale in Tourmaline. I redrafted for a smaller yarn and Navajo plied. The first skein was horribly overspun. The second fluffed up a bit after washing. I am hoping to spin enough to do the Lauren sweater from Knitty, without the "bum flap," since my bum does not need enhancement.

I have started on some red socks for spirit socks for this year. They are from Mountain Colors Bearfoot, which is a real pleasure to knit after the Magic Stripes. I don't know exactly what prompted the purple color trend for a week or so there.

OTN--Bearfoot socks

FLAK KAL sweater

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