Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Project Spectrum/Spirit Socks 2007

It just worked out that our school colors fit the Project Spectrum colors for June and July--red, black, and metallic. I left out the metallic, of course, because that sounds rather scratchy for socks, but here are my special hand-knit socks for Football Fridays. They are Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I had in my stash. I think the color is Ruby Ridge--I bought the yarn on ebay. This was my first skein of MC, and it is absolutely wonderful to knit with! I just want to sit around and squeeze my socks. The pattern is adapted from Knitty's Thermal sweater and posted on the Knitting Haven message board. I kept the foot plain because I find that to be more comfortable in the athletic shoes that I wear on Fridays. (Not that I do anything athletic myself, but they're more comfortable when standing at pep rallies.) They went fast because I knitted the legs on 2s.
However, when I soaked the socks to block them, the water was blood red. I rinsed them several times, and the water was still colored. I guess I will be sure to hand wash them so that they don't bleed on my other clothes. I sent an e-mail to Mountain Colors to ask if there is any way to set the color, but I have not heard back from them.

OTN--FLAK KAL sweater

Socks--Tidal Wave in Fleece Artist Forest

Baby Surprise Sweater--swatched

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inukshuk71 said...

They are wonderful Jane! Beautiful virbrant red! I like red but I don't own a pair of red socks as it's not a colour I can wear (makes me feel edgy). I've heard that if you soak your socks in some water and vinegar, that the vinegar will act as mordant for the dye and set it better. Good luck with the reading :)