Thursday, July 26, 2007

Absolutely No Knitting Content in this Post!

I usually spend much of my summer thinking about school. One of the great things about teaching as a job is that you get to stop, evaluate, change things that did not work, and start over. Very few opportunities in life are like that. This summer, however, I could not get my thoughts going. For one thing, I was waiting to hear if the College Board had approved my syllabus for one of the courses I teach. I am not going into all the hassle here about the approval process for the AP English Literature courses, but it was lengthy, time-consuming, and controversial among the teachers that are on the discussion list for the course. Well, my "authorization" came through day before yesterday. Suddenly, the juices are flowing again, and I'm in the mood to put in time planning new things for this year. Finally! After all, I return to teaching on August 20.

I have also started an exercise program that I am going to blog about so that I will have some accountability. I have sort of a tricky knee situation that really acts up if I walk on very uneven surfaces or on concrete for a long period of time. I can either go to the high school track--one of those soft things made from what looks like ground-up tires--VERY early in the mornings or do something at home. Right now, I'm using the Leslie Sansone mile walk DVD. I have gone to the 1/2 mile point two days in a row. Yes, I'm starting slowly, but I haven't been exercising at all. In the past year and two months, I have lost between 90 and 100 lbs. (poor record keeping--scales do not work well when you're that big), and I still have a lot more to go, so I need a real exercise boost. I plan to give myself a treat when I reach the 100 mile mark.

Oops! Knitting Content--What have I been doing instead of eating? Knitting and spinning. It's what is keeping me sane when I am tempted.

Projects OTN--Regia Bamboo second sock
Fleece Artist Tidal Wave second sock
BSJ #2
FLAK Aran Sweater
Spinning-- washing fleece
Black Alpaca/Wool pencil roving for Christmas present
New Spunky Fiber Club selection--"Celebration"
Mileage-- 1 of 99

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Carrie said...

Yea you! The middle 1/2 mile is tough, but the last 1/4 is pretty easy. You're going to be there very soon.