Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spinning and Blogging

This lovely lilac color is from Abby Franquemont at Abby's Yarns. Her frequent postings on the spinning groups have been of great help to me, as have her videos on YouTube. I bought it from her Ebay store. The wool is Falkland.

A few months ago, my DH came across a wool site from the Falkland Islands while surfing the web. I was interested in what they said about their sheep, and I tried to find a site to buy yarn from there, but I did not have any luck. They also seem to have a unique sweater style that is interesting and appealing. I am not sure if this fiber is actually from the Falklands or is just made from the same breed of sheep but grown elsewhere. I did find it very easy to spin, and I like the subtle color changes.

I have also been busy blogging this week. I teach three different courses at our local high school--actually four, because one class is a combined high school course and freshman course from a nearby junior college. This year there will be a blog for each class--used to post copies of handouts, reminders of due dates and assignments, and links to helpful web sites. Because I teach seniors, time management and scheduling skills are life skills that they need to practice before college and jobs, so I'm hoping this will be another method of helping develop those skills. (Of course, the first thing I put on both senior blogs is a ticker that is counting down days to graduation.) I have isolated my school blogs from my "life" as much as possible, so I am not going to post links to those blogs here. I have also not enabled comments; in today's world I cannot afford that kind of interaction with students: I have seen what some of them do on MySpace.
OTN--FLAK KAL sweater
2nd Tidal Wave Fleece Artist Sock
simple shawl from b&w handspun

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Sherie said...

Love the Faulkland yarn! Great colors. I haven't tried any of Abby's batts/fiber yet, but they look fab.