Friday, July 06, 2007


On July 3, I took an all-day spinning lesson at Three Stitchers, a country yarn store near a nearby New Mexico town. It was truly a wonderful experience: sorting a Rambouillet fleece, scouring it, and spinning--both in the grease and with washed, carded fleece. I also got a quick lesson in hand carding. It was accompanied by lunch with the family--sandwiches with homemade bread. I learned a lot. I managed to come away with a little yarn and turned down buying a fleece. However, I came home and dreamed about fleece all night, so I'm going to call and tell her that I want a fleece when my carder order comes in!

Above is some of the handspun that I bought from Three Stitchers--the colorway is Mountain Blue Jay. This yarn was spun in the grease and then washed and dyed. The colors appear to be almost painted on, giving it a very rustic appearance. I love the yarn because I enjoy watching the blue jays in our backyard right now.

And here is the spinning I've been doing. First, this is the second of two black and white skeins from roving from the Sheep Shed Studio. I had begun these before the lesson. I found this fiber a little difficult to spin--actually, everything is a little difficult to spin right now--mainly because the black was a little coarser and seemed to have a different staple length from the white. This skein has 142 yards of two-ply and is a worsted weight. The first skein is the same weight, but is only about 70 yards.
Finally, a post-lesson product--the June selection from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, a color called Tulip. It is also two-ply worsted weight--208 yards. Now I just want to drop my other knitting projects and make something from this yarn!
Still OTN--
Fiber Artist Tidal Wave Socks
Baby Surprise Jacket
FLAK KAL Sweater


Carrie said...

You're really angling for a sheep for Christmas, aren't you? ;-)

Muller's Lane Farm said...

When you're spinning roving from Carol Lee (Sheep Shed), you'll want to gently 'snap' the roving before spinning.

Keeping your hands 8"-10" apart on the roving, gently tug so the fiber 'gives'. Do this the length of the piece of roving you will be spinning.

These mill end rovings are so compacted before Carol gets them, that they need this.

Also, if you still have a hard time drafting after snapping the roving, turn the roving around and draft from the other end.

Happy Spinning!