Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vintage Baby Bubbles

I have been knitting, but everything is still in the UFO stage.
These, however, are made from one of my favorite patterns "Vintage Baby Bubbles," by Wendy Schoen. The real design features embroidery and lace, but I enjoy making bright-colored bubbles from quilting cotton. The lining fabric and rickrack were purchased at Malouf's Fabrics, a local store; the print is from stash.

As you can see, the design is an American traditional, usually known as Sunbonnet Sue. The bubbles are for my two infant granddaughters; the quilt was appliqued by their great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother during the Great Depression (a lot of "greats" in one sentence). They referred to the pattern as Dutch Doll.

OTN--Baby Surprise Jacket of Cotton Ease
Socks--Fiber Artist Forest in Tidal Wave Pattern
FLAK KAL Sweater

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Punxsey will be so "fashiable!"