Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Projects

The first two green peppers from our garden, which is so small that it really doesn't qualify as a garden in farm country.

The yarn is my handspun from some Brown Sheep mill end rovings from the Sheep Shed Studio. It's 200 yards of light worsted weight. I think my spinning is getting a little better, but I also think most of the improvement can be credited to my finally getting a tensioned Lazy Kate. I had just been letting the bobbins flop around in bowls, and my plying was really inconsistent. Then I tried the built-in holders on my Ashford Traveler, and that was even worse! The Lazy Kate makes it so much easier.
I also began washing a Rambouillet fleece over the weekend and finished the first of a pair of Regia Bamboo socks. I hope to finish the second one this week. With a little cooperation from the mail fairies, the Spunky Fiber Club selection ought to be here soon--I can hardly wait to see what it is.

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LaVerna said...

beautiful handspun!The peppers looks yummy too!