Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekly Fiber Report

What have I accomplished this week? Well, I washed some more fleece. I'm just storing the washed product right now until I get my carders. However, I did decide to try crockpot dyeing with Wilton's on some of the uncarded fleece. I used 1/4 t. Wilton's Periwinkle per oz. of fiber, and here is the result! This is definitely not Periwinkle blue although it is interesting. What did I do wrong to make the colors strike in separate places like this?

I also spun some black alpaca/wool pencil roving that I am planning to use for a gift project. I am learning from this. Other spinners have said or written about the fiber having opinions about how it wants to be spun. I attempted to spin this fiber using the short backward draw worsted spinning that I had been using with the other prepared rovings. I was getting a thick and thin yarn that felt like it had lumps in it. I finally looked at a video and some books and switched to a long draw technique. It is spinning wonderfully! With my usual lack of coordination, however, I'm not sure that I am achieving the goal of "bringing my drafting hand back in a graceful arc." I plied two bobbins and finished the skein just to check the twist. It seems to be drying straight even though it was a little twisty when in came off the niddynoddy.

And here is the obligatory amoeba shot of the second Baby Surprise Jacket. This one has gone much more smoothly although I'm still not entirely pleased with the firmness of the band edge. I think I'll try a little single crochet edge for firmness before I add on the sleeve cuffs and the collar.

Oops! The picture shows the wrong side.

OTN--FLAK Aran Sweater
2nd Bamboo Sock
finish BSJ
2nd Tidal Wave Sock

Deadline Knitting--2 pairs of kid-dyed socks for the beginning of preschool
I'll cast on the first this weekend. Fortunately, the feet are small.

Exercise total--2 miles


Carrie said...

My Wilton lady was saying that some of the colors will distort in frosting if you don't include meringue powder. I know the pink would turn yellow or the yellow would turn pink--can't remember which, and there were others too. Maybe that's what happened. I really like it, though--it should be interesting once it's spun and knitted. Probably can't include meringue powder in yarn anyway!

Sherie said...

No doesn't look periwinkle, but I still like the colors. And you put the wool into the crock with the dye and it came out that different in places? Hmm.... that's strange. But it looks great.

Barb said...

Oh, I love that fleece--I wish I knew more about spinning and dyeing, etc. I'm still such a novice that I've never tried to knit a sweater--not even a cute baby sweater like you've got going. But you just gave me a great idea for a new-baby present for a couple that has EVERYTHING and wouldn't appreciate yet another Gymboree outfit. I better get started on it, though! Thank you!