Thursday, August 02, 2007

Getting Your Money’s Worth out of Handknit Socks!

There's been a rather heated discussion about the price of sock yarn on one of the forums. Here's how to get your money's worth out of your handknits--wear two pairs at a time, of course.

The socks on the "rear" feet are the new blue socks that we dyed together using Wilton’s. You can’t see the pattern, of course, but it is the Basketweave Ribbing pattern from Stitches of Violet. It made a wonderfully cushy sock.

At this point, I’d like to make a book recommendation to all the mothers and grandmothers of little girls—Fancy Nancy and Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, written by Jane O’Connor and wonderfully illustrated by Robyn Preiss Glasser. The illustrations will fascinate both children and adults, and the books do a wonderful job of stretching budding vocabularies. Who knows when a girl will need words like "posh" and "dressing gown"? I bought the books on Amazon, but I know I’ve seen the book at Barnes & Noble, and there’s always the local library; however, these books really need to be owned because they are suited to repetitive rereading—both to explore the detailed illustrations and to savor the new words, which are fancy ways of saying ordinary things.

I also finished the Regia Bamboo socks that I have been working on. These are plain stockinette, cuff down—my usual pattern. Since some reviewers of the yarn reported slightly less stretch, I added a couple of extra stitches to the gusset pickup. I found the yarn very nice to knit with in a silky sort of way, but not the soft wooly squeezy feel of Fleece Artist or Bearfoot. I’ll try to remember to report on how they wear.

The little bag that I plan to use for small projects is from Japanese Handmade Etc. at Etsy. I heard about the bags a couple of weeks ago on Etsy Friday on the Sock PrØn site. The bag is well made and beautiful, fully lined. The knot is a wonderful finishing touch. And, most importantly, the bag is my favorite color. I would never have the nerve to walk around wearing this color of brocade, but I can use the bag. Her service was amazingly fast and courteous as well, and I think her prices are very reasonable.

And, finally, some progress on the FLAK KAL sweater. I have completed the "back." No, the sweater is not short; the section called the back just goes to the bottom of the underarms. Next will come the "front," and then the "body" is knit below that. Sleeves are in there somewhere. I'm trying to learn from this, so I'm pretty much just going step-by-step.


FLAK KAL sweater

2nd Tidal Wave Sock

Exercise Total to Date--4 miles


N. Maria said...

Your socks are lovely.
AND your FLAK is looking pretty good!!! Wonderful color with great stitch definition.

Batty said...

Very pretty socks, and your girl is adorable. You are taking very good care of her by picking out such wonderful books!