Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've Returned!

Wow! I just read the last three books in the HP series, including a straight read through of the last book in my motel room last night. It was great fun! I also went with my DD and infant DGD to see the OOTP movie.

I liked the movie, even though, having just read the book, I realized how many really good things were left out by necessity. I also liked the books. As always, I admired the richness of detail and character, and I admired the twists given to the archetypal quest motifs in the last book.

I also fell in love with this sweater and some others. Someone on line has already attempted a duplicate. Of course, this would look really good on my AARP-style body! I would, however, like to make one for a child. Any suggestions from experienced crocheters would be welcome.

I got very little knitting done for the past few days. I know some people say they can read and knit, but I can't read anything as textually complex as the Harry Potter books while knitting.

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katie said...

I always look forward to the HP movies coming out on DVD, so I can pause for all the knitting!