Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Knitting Content--On Vacation at Hogwarts

I just realized that school starts on the 27th, and I have not caught up with Harry Potter. I had not read the last 3 books. I just finished The Order of the Phoenix a few minutes ago, and I'm planning to see the movie tomorrow. I am going to read madly to finish the next two this week. I have avoided spoilers so far, but someone will say something in the faculty meetings next week. My DD taped the J.K. Rowling interview so that I can watch it after I finish the book.


Knittypants said...

Have fun, all that time with Harry will be a blast :-)

Mary said...

I also saw OOP yesterday. IMAX screen with 3D for the last 20 minutes. Lots of fun! And with that, I'm all caught up with Harry.