Sunday, August 05, 2007

Variations on a Theme by Zimmermann

I had previously published a picture of the first jacket, the one on the left, but I was dissatisfied with the overly stretchy front band and with the way the buttons were attached. On the second, I single crocheted around the edge, and it made a much more satisfactory finish. I "ungifted" the first sweater and redid the edge on it. I also resewed the buttons, using backer buttons. On the first BSJ, I followed EZ's suggestion to put buttonholes on both sides and use them as a guide for where to sew the buttons. I do not like the weakness of button attachment that this system created. On the second garment, I made only one set of buttonholes, so I felt the button attachment was easier and firmer. The yarn is LB Cotton Ease.

The BSJs will be worn by my two DGDs. One thing I like about this pattern is the way the backs look. When a baby is being carried upright or on the hip--both these girls are healthily sturdy--the back is often on view.

I'm taking a little pause from anything new right now and trying to finish some UFOs before school starts.


Fleur of Flitwick said...

Those are both beautiful. They make me want to put this on my "to-do" list - except that I have made 5 of the KPS cardigans in the last 6 months and I don't have any grandchildren!

Hope your new school year goes well. I have a new principal - have high hopes for the new year!

Fleur of Flitwick said...

I didn't realize I was signed in to my Hogwarts sock swap account - usually I'm englishtch.

K said...

That turned out cute! I definitely like it with 3 buttons better!

Sherie said...

Aww, how totally adorable!!

Batty said...

I'm never happy with button bands unless I reinforce them with ribbon. They get pulled on so much, I'd be afraid it would stretch things in abad way.

dee said...

Hello and Happy Holidays,

Here is my reason for emailing you this message. I just purchased the Baby Surprise Jacket on 12/24/08 from a Knitting Store in San Francisco, Ca called ImagiKnit, and here are is problem. I don't understand this beautiful pattern.

I have just 1 question and example to ask you.

When it say on row 1:

K34, slip 1, K2tog, psso, K84, slip 1, k2tog, psso, K33. Does that mean knit across all 160 stitches?