Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Blue is Finished!

I began this sweater last February out of some stash yarn as a sizing experiment. I'd not knitted myself a sweater since 1969. I got most of it finished except the bottom edge and sleeve edges and put it away for the summer. Now it's done! The pattern is a Knitting Pure and Simple Woman's Pullover, the one that calls for worsted size yarn. It is very easy to knit, but in this very plain solid color, it was a boring knit. I would make the pattern again, but I will use a heathered or semisolid or tweedy yarn, not absolutely solid. The yarn is Paton's Classic "That's Blue!" and indeed it is--very blue. I did change the pattern a little bit--kept the rolled neck, but got rid of the rolled bottom for loose ribbing and used a garter stitch edge on the bottom of the sleeves. I don't need another roll of anything around my hips! The sweater is not see-through either. That's a trick of the flash--I suppose because the woolly board has a shiny finish that reflects.
I have been interested in reading the That Laurie posts on the Yarn Harlot's blog this week. As I lose weight, I am getting more and more pear-shaped. In fact, I think I'm beginning to resemble an upside-down lightbulb. Her comments about using top-down sweaters and putting the color or pattern emphasis on the yoke to address this figure type are really making me think about using this pattern again as well as getting the video and pattern to the Zimmermann/Swanson spiral yoke sweater.

Because I saw a remark about this on another blog--we have been remodeling this fireplace, putting a woodstove in as an insert. You can't see it because it's behind the sweater. Yes, I do know not to have the kindling sitting that close to the fire. In honor of the new fireplace remodel, I have one of those copper wash boilers that I am going to use for kindling and logs and it will sit a safe distance away. I could have cleaned that up last night or I could have finished my sweater--what can I say? It was in the upper '80s here yesterday! The wash boiler is still in my car.


Soonerbeknitting said...

Love the sweater! Aren't the KPS patterns great? I have finished one of their hooded tunic and have another one OTN - both out of Paton's SWS stripey stuff.

Hope you love your woodstove as much as we love ours. I can hardly wait for colder weather.

lv2knit said...

Nice sweater -- and it seems the Hemlock bug has bitten? As for the "forking" -- they did that to my neighbor's house when his twin girls were seniors. They were both into sports and probably had more "enthusiastic" pranksters than the ones TPing our house. It was miserable to deal with. Good luck on your Hemmie!

Sherie said...

Blue looks wonderful! LOL on your comment about any more rolls around your hips! I have more than enough myself. :)