Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Photos for You (Again)

Yes, I'm knitting--working diligently on the second Fibonacci sweater from stash. I'm also spinning more of Abby's lilac Falkland roving. I did some a month or so ago and then decided I had a specific project in mind. Tonight I am ready to ply a couple of full bobbins.

I have been really busy with all of the first-of-school tasks that are time-consuming and not very fulfilling--keeping records of graded papers on legal pads because the computer rolls are not yet accurate enough for the computer gradebook to be opened, trying to convice students that I meant it when I specified a looseleaf binder with six properly-labeled dividers, deciding who does not need to sit by whom, and trying to learn the names of students I don't already know. (This year's seniors contain members of my last 2-year-old Sunday School class. Some of the personalities have changed; some have not.) In spite of the aggravations, beginning a new school year is full of the promise of new beginnings--of new faces eager to go out into the world, of trying a new technique to get a point across, of finding the opportunity to help a student who needs something extra, and of sharing with colleagues whose opinions I value. This weekend, I'm off to a short conference on bridging the gap between high school expectations and college expectations, a real concern where I teach because many, many of our students are first generation high school graduates and even more are first generation college enrollees.

I got up extra early this morning and spent an hour knitting a sweater sleeve and peacefully listening to podcasts. All seems at least temporarily right with the world. Oh, my, I forgot that faculty pictures are this morning!

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