Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh, No!

After coming home from the Folklife Festival at the museum this weekend, I kept thinking about weaving. I dug around in closets, coming up with a Harrisville Lap Loom that I had gotten for my DD when she was a child. (Yes, I have a potholder loop loom, but that doesn't count as a craft, but a necessity.) Then, I remembered another possibility and headed for a dresser drawer, and there it was--a 1936 Loomette in its original box and with original instructions. I had tried this one as a child, but never mastered it. It turns out there is even an internet site. I've been looking for something to do with leftover bits of sock yarn, and this looks like a fun possibility. According to the info on the site, it takes only 7.5 yds to do a square of plain weave, so I could make lots of squares. Exactly when I would do this is another question, but it is somehow more appealing to me than the other leftover sock yarn alternatives, and I think that some of the self-patterning yarns might produce interesting effects. Of course, then I would have to take up crochet again to put the squares together.

I did investigate some of the options on the Internet. There are some attractive items made from the squares, but there are some really UGLY items out there as well.

I am knitting steadily on the bolero for my DGD. I am also working hard to finish some socks that I have on needles for myself so that I can start another pair for my DH, who has decided he likes hand knit wool socks. It took him about 6 months to actually wear the pair I made for him last spring.

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Carrie said...

Have you located the nearest chapter of Textile Addicts Anonymous? ;-) You're getting dangerously close to a sheep and some cotton seeds for Christmas!