Thursday, November 29, 2007

What the Yarn Wants to Be

I recently ordered some Noro Silver Thaw, color 9, from Webs to make a ruana that I saw on another blog. It looked like a good, practical garment that I would enjoy. Then I got a look at this beautiful yarn, and I convinced my DH to be my swift as I wound all 7 skeins of it. I started worrying about the pattern. Nevertheless, I began knitting and completed about 3 inches of the back. The colors were lovely, but the yarn was stripey enough that I began to get the feeling that I would only need a cigar, a sombrero, and a revolver to belong in one of those Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. What could I make that I would actually wear?

After rummaging through my pattern notebook and some internet sites, I finally decided on the v-neck neckdown woman's chunky pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. The last sweater of theirs I made (Big Blue) fit perfectly when I knit to gauge, but I want this one to be a little looser to wear a turtleneck underneath and have more of a tunic feel. I am using a needle a little larger and knitting 3.5 stitches to the inch instead of 4. IF I have calculated right, and math was my worst subject, that should give me the ease I want. This afternoon, I tried on the top with the v-neck completed and almost one ball of yarn used up. It seems to fit fine, although I may have to make the neck edging a little wider than the pattern calls for to compensate for the change in gauge. I still love the yarn.

Of course, meanwhile I have gotten on Ravelry, so I looked at all the Silver Thaw projects and almost decided to rip out and order the KP&S Wrap Cardigan. However, I will wear this sweater much more if it turns out OK. All I know to do is to just keep trying it on while I'm making it.

I love my Knitpicks Options, but I do wish the cables had one of those little connector thingies to connect cables so that you could just slide off to a longer cable for try-ons or to shorter ones for stitch holders without having to put on a tip and knit or slide stitches off via the points. My old Boye set from the '60s had those, and they were handy.


Carrie said...

Well, if you change your mind, A would probably trade you a hot-pink sombrero for a Fancy Nancy reading and some Oreos. :-)

The Purloined Letter said...

I love imagining you with the cigar and sombrero!Can't wait to see what comes off the needles.

BTW--we share a lot of fiber goals. Great idea to post them on the sidebar.