Friday, November 30, 2007

Yo habla. . . .maybe

I live in the same community where I grew up. I teach at the same school I graduated from in 1967; however, over the years the makeup of our town and school has changed. I would estimate that the town and school both have a Hispanic majority now. It is quite possible to go about one's daily business without having to speak English.

My Spanish is rudimentary, at best. For one thing, I know my pronunciation is so bad that I am very shy about using it. I have a strong Texas accent, and I can't roll an r no matter how hard I try.

The school has provided home access to Rosetta Stone for any teacher who wants to use it. I started last night. It was hard to judge, since the beginning lesson covered mostly things I knew. I also have the kind of mind that gets distracted by questions like, "What makes one airplane an avion and another an avioneta?" Obviously, it is the size, but what is the dividing point? Ditto for nino (can't remember how to get the tilde over the n) and muchaco. Is it adolescence? Preschool? Oh well, I certainly have a lot of students who will be glad to help, particularly if they can get a laugh out of it.

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Carrie said...

If all else fails, there's always "Me llamo Teddy."

Or maybe you can learn something REALLY useful like we did.... I'm so grateful that I can now visit la playa and shop at the pescaderia. Two life skills that will be at the top of my list. What we DIDN'T learn in class?: "Donde esta el bano?"