Saturday, December 08, 2007

No "Visible" Knitting Content

What have I been up to as far as knitting goes? Well, I am knitting madly a few rows at a time on the Noro Silver Thaw sweater. It is going very smoothly--the wool/angora/nylon blend feels great going through my fingers. The yarn does have more knots to deal with than I would prefer.

I'm getting more and more practice at knitting continental-style. I am also knitting another pair of socks for my DH. I ordered some Kroy in what I thought would be a variegated gray--the color was "Glencheck," I think. Well, they are coming out even more solid than the last gray pair. However, since I am worried about being a little short of yardage on these, I'm going to use some bits from my leftover sock yarn stash and do something a little bit crazy with the heels and toes. These are going rather fast because I'm knitting the Kroy on 2s--tried 1s and the fabric was too stiff.

Ravelry--I'm finally exploring the possibilities. I have not listed my stash, primarily because I don't have much of one other than sock yarn, and we all know that "sock yarn doesn't . . . yada yada." I'm listed as panhandlejane.

Otherwise--Most of my Christmas shopping is done except for stocking stuffers. The tree is up, the houses are on the mantel, and this afternoon I will place the Christmas cat. (This is my private ceremony. For some reason, no one else in the family is interested!)

School--This blog would be much more entertaining if I could tell stories from school. However, the combination of federal privacy laws, professional ethics, and living in a small town keeps my lips zipped and my fingers off the keys. This is the time of year--the end of a semester--when I want to throttle some students who are choosing not to work and hold on to others and not let them go because they are such a pleasure to teach. I have the privilege of dealing with young people as they step, sometimes shakily, over the threshold into the adult world. Some of them have the support of loving families; some of them are already carrying responsibilities far beyond what anyone could expect; some of them have backgrounds that not only do not provide support but even drag them down. I can really count my own blessings. (Note: I am writing this on Saturday morning. You should have heard me venting my frustration on Thursday afternoon. Right now I'm in the mode that moms of preschoolers experience during nap time. "Aren't they cute when they're asleep" is pretty much the same feeling as "Don't they look great in those caps and gowns or prom dresses and tuxes or ____uniforms.")

Every year the invitation people or the cap-and-gown people sell too-expensive senior T-shirts, usually along the lines of "13 years in school and all I have is this crummy T-shirt" or something like that. This year I am told that the T-shirts just say "DONE!" Sometimes understatement is an effective diction choice.

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