Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Special Day

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary! We celebrated quietly yesterday because we were afraid the weather was going to be too bad to go anywhere today. For us, "quiet" means a trip to Clovis, NM for lunch at Chili's. Yesterday, though, my husband closed our business for the 1/2 day we are open on Saturdays, and we went earlier in the morning. We cruised through pawn shops and secondhand stores, found a place on the way there that had gasoline well under $3.00, found a ball of Magic Stripes at Hobby Lobby for $1.36 (sock stash enhancement), and finished up a little Christmas shopping. We were home by 1:00 p.m., even allowing for the time zone change. He napped, and I knitted. When you get older, it doesn't take much to make something a real celebration!

This is NOT our wedding picture, but obviously we have known each other a LONG time! We were much cuter then.

I am so thankful for my DH. His steadiness is often what gets me through difficult times, and like everyone else, we have faced those. He is absolutely dependable, and I really don't deserve him. We both came to marriage a little later, 28 and 31, and we have been blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren. We have a nice home, a business, and I have a teaching career. We are blessed indeed.


K said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Sherie said...

Happy Anniversary! In this day and age of throw away marriages, it's so nice to see a couple that has been together for 30 years - through the good times and bad times. Congrats!

Mary said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! What a sweet picture; there must be a story involved. Were you two always a couple-- or did you rediscover each other as adults?