Saturday, January 26, 2008

Audiobook Review--Shadow Music

Julie Garwood was always one of my favorite historical romance writers. Even though the plots of all romances are somewhat predictable, it's how the couple gets together and the bits of culture and atmosphere along the way that keep the reader reading. This novel certainly had promise--the first part set up some great possibilities for suspense, but then it disappointed. Any peril involving the heroine was slight, at best. She lacked the feisty sense of humor that I've come to expect from Garwood. Situations with possibilities are dropped. We were told about her character rather than shown. For example, when Colm (I hope I'm spelling correctly--this was an audiobook.) discovers after weeks of searching that the arrow which killed the man who was trying to kill his brother was shot by Gabrielle, there is no scene in which she proves her ability with a bow and outshoots all of his archers or anything like that. She never uses this skill again, either. Instead, the subject is just dropped. That sort of thing happens too often in the novel. Colm is also just a standard big-laird-in-a-plaid, without personal quirks that would have given his character some interest. Unlike the Julie Garwood novels I have read in the past, I was rooting for this one to be over.

Knitting--sleeves attached and yoke to placket point on Wonderful Wallaby.

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