Saturday, January 26, 2008


I was tagged for the "You Make My Day Award" by lizzyk8. You are supposed to list 10 blogs that you read each day and then those people will list 10 more, and so on. I’m listing blogs that I find to be good reading. If you are tagged and you don’t want to participate, please just accept what I say as a compliment.

The Adventures of _____ and ______. The names are blank and the link is not hot because this is a private blog detailing the adventures of two of my grandchildren. I think their mother intends to turn this blog into a book for them to have when they grow up. She includes lots of pictures (always a plus for the grandparents), stories about mothering, and frequent letters to each of the children. It’s a shame that none of us feel comfortable about having this out there open on the internet because it’s good reading.

_____ Adventures. The same security reasons apply to this blog about the other two grandchildren. My DIL has not been "at" it quite as long as my daughter, but the collection of cute pictures and stories is growing rapidly. Good work, K______!

Whimsy Knits. She lives in a nearby city. We both started spinning about the same time. Either she’s a really GOOD photoshopper, or she’s a much better spinner than I am, but she’s inspiring me to keep up. She is an inspiration in her knitting and her spinning, and I check her blog every day.

Sooner Be Knitting. I can be really dense. It took me almost a year to realize that the title of this blog can mean the obvious preference we knitters have for how we spend our spare time and at the same time refer to her enthusiastic support of her favorite college football team. You would think an English teacher (she’s one, too) could figure out a pun. Honestly!

Geocaching Knitter. I am not retired, not traveling, and not living in New England, but the Aran-style knitting on this blog is outstanding. I enjoy the scenic pictures, but I really love those in-progress shots of what I’d like to be able to consistently do some day.

So the Thing Is Blog. I first got interested in this as a knitting blog and then followed a summer trip to the South last year with a story about a haunted courthouse. I was particularly happy to find another Texas blog that was so entertaining. Now the author and her family are moving to Long Island, but I plan to keep reading anyway. She has the ability to make the trivial ups and downs of every day life seem interesting. And, frankly, I’m so glad that I’m not going through what she’s going through right now with a cross-country move and trying to sell a house in Austin in the beginning of a recession. Way to go, Barb! I want to hear all about Long Island life.

Fugue State Knits. This blog often makes me think and sometimes makes me evaluate my life. That is a good thing. It is also remarkable since I am very different from the writer in many ways. I always enjoy reading what she has to say.

Knit ‘n Teach. Another English teacher, but from New Hampshire. Again, this is a blog that I find thought-provoking.

9 and 10 Like knitters everywhere, I make regular stops at the big two—the Yarn Harlot and Wendy Knits. I find it heartening that they can mess up, too.

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Thanks for sharing your favorite sites! I enjoyed visiting them all!