Saturday, February 02, 2008

C'est fini. . . mostly

We live in a 1959-60 era home, and we've been working on updating a little at a time. This is the typical pink/gray bathroom of that era--sort of. You can't really tell in the picture, but the gray is not gray, but a steel bluish color, and the pink fixtures are a peachy shell pink rather than a true pink. Matching either is a nightmare. The pink wallpaper dates from the '70s--the original was a dark gray. The commode area is around that short wall on the right, with no light. There are two recessed lights over the vanity and a ceiling fan/heater with a single bulb. The tub area is also very dark. The only reason these pictures look as bright as they do is because of the camera flash.

I wanted lighter, brighter (I'm a bathtub reader), and more of a spa-like feel. Changing the fixtures was out of the question expense-wise. Besides, that's one of those extra deep cast iron tubs that I don't want to give up. So we went with white.

As you can see, there is now a light in the "throne" area, which also lights the entire bathtub area as well. There are new blinds, and I copied and tinted old family black and white snapshots in order to blend the gray and the pink. Perplexingly, these pictures don't look as bright as it really is because it was so bright the flash didn't come on. My photography skills still need improvement.

I still need to find a new toilet seat, so that's the reason for the "mostly" in the title of the post.

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Carrie said...

Much brighter!