Monday, February 25, 2008

Knitting, Books, and Grandma Stuff

I mentioned in a previous post that I planned to knit a blanket for the Victory Junction camp as part of the Ravelry group Go Fast, Knit Left. I chose a driver whose colors matched some suitable yarn I already had in my stash--I actually have a couple of drivers that I don't like and many that I cheer on. The red, white, and blue matches Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s color scheme on his National Guard car even though Junior Nation is now wearing the green of his other car. I decided rather than making a bunch of blocks for someone else to have to put together, I would make a Mason-Dixon Moderne based on the baby blanket with additional strips added to get it up to the size needed for Victory Junction. Since I've never actually made one of their log cabins before, I have been knitting like crazy to see if it works. From here on out, I will just knit mostly during races. Since I'm turning in a finished blanket, I don't have to be finished until October. I only had three colors instead of the four shown on the original pattern, so I'm substituting stripes for the 4th color. The yarn is Caron's One Pound, and it seems to be working up rather well, although lots of garter stitch in acrylic get a little hard on my wrists. I plan to put on a patch pocket with an intarsia 88. I would also like suggestions for the edging. Do I do the one called for in the book, or do I use an I-cord edging? I do think it looks kind of racy.
I also finished reading Hidden Prey by John Sandford. I really like his books. His plotting is interesting, and he always makes me glad I don't live in Minnesota in the wintertime.
The second of our newest DGDs had her first birthday party this weekend, a perfect excuse for a family get-together. Her mom made a cute birthday cake that looked like a giant cupcake. The two older DGC had lots of fun opening the presents for the little one, who was mostly still interested in the paper. It was great fun!

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LizzieK8 said...

I always find a good book to add to my list over here! I grew up in MN, so am partial to them. Really enjoyed the P.J. Tracey Monkeewrench series set in Minneapolis.

The blanket is cute! I love the log cabins for using up stash!