Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something for Everyone

A rant-like educational comment, school "vacation," a book review, knitting and spinning news--take your pick.

I spent yesterday with the rest of the English Department "refreshing" my skills in evaluating to what extent English Language Learners have progressed in their learning of English--speaking, listening, and writing. I have no complaints about actually doing it. However, the on-line training--furnished by that big supplier of educational testing evaluation--was unbearably slow. We had to watch minivideos in the speaking and listening parts that took forever to load--would have been more efficient on You Tube--so that you were trying to evaluate the halting English of a speaker while having a constantly interrupted video stream. There were other inefficiencies as well--passwords that hadn't arrived and a help line that took forever to answer. Grrrrr! Next year, I'm taking a sock. I could have gotten a lot of knitting done while waiting for computer loading.

School vacation--Our district used to have a midwinter break. Some people went skiing, others used it so students wouldn't have to miss so much time for the San Antonio Stock Show. It also dovetailed with All-State Band and Choir. I think it started out with an early dismissal on Friday, followed by Monday and Tuesday off. It was sometimes Friday and Monday. Finally, it was just early out on Friday and then Monday off. This year, due to our legislature's mandating a later start for the school year, it turned into 2.5 hours on Friday afternoon. It was an extremely nice 2.5 hours, and I squeezed in a hot bath, a novel, and knitting (not in the bath).

The novel was T is for Trespass, my newest trip into the Kinsey Millhone novels by Sue Grafton. A few years ago, I faithfully read all of them in order, but I read faster than she wrote, and then I got confused about which ones I had read and which ones I hadn't, so it's been awhile since I've read any. I think I missed some between H and N, and I don't think I've read any since N. This book was as dependably interesting for escape reading as I remember. I will have to stop by the Gs in the library and determine which ones I've skipped. This is not my favorite mystery series, but it is a series that can be counted on to be varied and interesting while still having enough sameness to make you feel comfortable.

Knitting--OTN--large garter-stitch object from stash. To be revealed in a future post.

Spinning--I finished one skein of worsted bulky weight that I spun from gray roving from The Sheep Shed Studio. Long draw, 2 ply. I'll start more this week.

And #88 won the Shootout and the Duel at Daytona!

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Soonerbeknitting said...

I had the same training last week. However, our coordinator said it wasn't pass/fail; we just had to finish, so I just answered. I passed anyway - lucky guesser from what little I could hear. I took a sock though and made some progress.