Monday, February 11, 2008

The Weekend

I have NO knitting to show, not that I didn't do some, but I was swatching for a project for "Knit Fast, Turn Left," a NASCAR fan Ravelry group. We're going to be knitting blankets for the pre-chase part of the season for the Victory Junction camp. Some will be doing blocks that will be shipped off and sewn together, but I've decided to do a M-D Moderne blanket--in between the baby size and the big one. It will be acrylic because of the kid/washability factor, in red, white, and blue. We all have to choose a driver we're knitting "for," and even though I'm not particularly a one-driver fan, I've chosen Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Any suggestions out there about how to work the number 88 into a garter stitch block? I'm considering illusion knitting. My choice must have been a good one, because Junior won the Budweiser Shootout Saturday night.

I had another "cultural" experience Saturday. I went to a meeting in the nearby city on planning to use Teacher Retirement successfully. I don't know about other states, but in Texas, there's a lot more to it than just retiring and drawing a pension--all sorts of options for how you do it. Anyway, I wasn't sure how to dress for the occasion--it was at the regional service center where we most often do professional development. I finally opted for a handknit sweater, slacks, wool socks, and comfy shoes. I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening with a couple of 4-year-olds and two babies. Well, I needn't have worried--many people obviously have their outside-of-teaching lives well in hand. The row immediately in front of me appeared to be going hunting, I hope, right after the luncheon. (If they weren't hunters, they were from some survivalist group or something.) Immediately in front of them were the mechanics--reminded me of the commercial that says some guys relax in a comfy chair, but to others there's nothing more comfortable than cardboard on concrete. To my right was a couple in absolutely beautifully tailored motorcycle leathers, both jacket and chaps or leggings, with patches all over from various charity rides. Everyone else was dressed in various degrees of formality. I was sort of encouraged to see that we have such a variety of side interests and people willing to display them. And, darn it, I had gotten off from home without a sock OTN!

The rest of the weekend was lovely--a flea marketing trip with my DH, lunch with my DD and her family, visiting with DS and his wife, feeding ducks and geese at the park with grandchildren, taking my DGS to another park to use the playground, and lots of babyhugging.

I also finished an audiobook and a novel and fell off the wagon at Barnes and Noble. I'll review the books in another post; the audiobook in particular was great fun!

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Cathy said...

Just found your blog from Knitnteach. Are you retiring from education this year? Wonderful. I still have some years to put into the system, but some of my peers are retiring this year.

We do share some common interests - teaching and knitting!