Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knitting and Spinning Content at Last!

I really have been knitting and spinning along. I just haven't been making pictures, so here they are:

The start of a Kiri shawl from Knit Picks Shimmer:

Approximately 320 yds. of bulky handspun from gray roving from Sheep Shed Studios:

The background of both of these pictures is the Moderne blanket, which I'm still knitting on on race days.

I have also begun the Heartbeat Sweater from Just One More Row. For some reason the picture will not post here. After I get a little more done, I will try again.

Reading--I just finished Under the Lake by Stuart Woods. I've always rather enjoyed his books. I sometimes like to read by author, so I just printed off a chronological list of his books so that I can catch up on the ones that I have missed.

Alas, I have had to buy new tires and discovered that the tie rods (whatever those are) are going to have to be replaced on my car. There goes the yarn money again!

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Sherie said...

The gray yarn looks wonderful. Do you have plans for what you will make with it?