Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Reading and Listening, Knitting and Spinning

I have been knitting and spinning. I simply have not made photographs because I'm still knitting the NASCAR blanket--lots of garter stitch there--and my spinning is a pound or so of gray roving from the Sheep Shed. It is working up rather nicely, and I will post a photo when it is all done. I'm planning to use it for an EZ Ribwarmer, with an I-cord edging from some red handspun that I have already done. I'm anxious to learn from EZ, and I just received the Ribwarmer DVD from Schoolhouse Press. I will confess, however, that I'm going to do something else first after finishing this blanket. I don't think I will be ready for more garter stitch immediately!

This week I spun, knitted, and did laundry to an audiobook download of Jonathan Kellerman's Gone. It was satisfyingly suspenseful and well-read. In listening, I particularly noticed the vividness of his descriptions of characters. Strangely, I had not paid much attention to that in my reading of his books, probably because I was more interested in the plot. It is interesting that reading a book and listening to a book are such different experiences with the text.

The book I read recently was Anne Tyler's Digging to America, a thought-provoking look at what it means to be American. The story concerns two families who adopt baby girls from Korea who happen to arrive on the same plane. One family is rather traditionally American (if there is such a thing); the other family is of Iranian descent. The rest of the story concerns what happens with the two families who form a relationship because of their daughters.

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Knittinreed said...

I am looking forward to seeing your projects. My Mom is an avid reader and loves Kellerman!