Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Birthday Gift

I came home a little later than expected from Amarillo on my birthday, walked into the house, and saw on the kitchen table a brown cardboard box with a loopy rubber belt attached to the outside with packing tape. My first thought was spinning equipment, but the belt looked too heavy, and I couldn't remember ordering anything. Then I realized that it was looped in perfect loops like a big bow. I immediately grabbed scissors and ripped into the package. Look what I got--a #88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. jacket to go with the blanket I had knitted for Victory Junction! DH and DD had conspired to get it for my birthday. I wore it to school today--the weather was freezing this morning, 80s yesterday, chill index of 23 today. Some of my students were greatly perplexed because this does not fit my rather staid old lady image.
Footnote--when I posted about my jacket on the "Go Fast, Knit Left" group on Ravelry, I got a reply from the person who did this blanket--a crocheted Tunisian Stitch. Suddenly my Moderne doesn't look quite so impressive.


LaVerna said...

Happy Birthday Jane!Today is my DD#2's 12th b-day.Hope you had a good one!

Carrie said...