Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sock Mojo Returns/book reading

Not long after the previous post about being behind on socks, some things happened to get me going again. First, I got tired of garter stitch for awhile after a Moderne blanket and the first two panels of my panel jacket:

This is actually a center back panel and one of the outside panels. I'm a little worried about whether or not I will have enough yarn from my stash, and I don't think I can match the dye lot, so I thought I may have to do contrasting color panels or something. Therefore, I'm leaving the inner side panels until I see because I think the contrast will have to go there.

The second was that my DH--for whom I had made 2.75 pairs of socks, and who had only been wearing them as bed socks--announced that he had started wearing them all day and absolutely loved them! Oops! I immediately went to work and finished these:

I am not very proud of them; I was using a larger needle size, 2.75, and I thought I had my stitches adjusted correctly, but I should have gone down a few stitches. He says they feel wonderful anyway. The yarn is Paton's Kroy from stash; the heels and toes are from a former Regia project. I know the legs appear a little short, but that's the way he likes them. I have already cast on another pair for him from Melienweit Color Tweed. (I know that's mispelled, but I don't have the label with me at the moment.)

I also finished this pair:

These are for my gift stash--women's medium to large. They are from the discontinued LB Magic Stripes. The cost? $1.36! I found the yarn in a closeout bin. I love my own Magic Stripes socks--they wear like iron and get softer all the time.

What else have I been doing? We've been dogsitting for a couple of weeks--I'll post a picture. I've done a little bit of outdoor stuff although the weather has been unpredictable--hot and cold, rain, hail, blowing sand--all this week. This afternoon, I'm going to work on boutiquing some baby overalls for a baby shower gift for next weekend.

I've also read another Rick Riordan book--three of the English faculty at our high school have our noses buried in these. This one was The Monster Sea, and it was every bit as entertaining as the first. I don't know how readers would respond who don't pick up on the literary allusions--half the fun is picking them out before the hero does.


Carrie said...

Now, if you're making him socks, surely you've made him some navy ones with white stripes by now....

Panhandle Jane said...

Amazingly enough, no. The current pair will be denim blues and browns. As he pointed out, no one will see them in boots anyway, but they will go nicely with his 501s. They are actually quite an attractive mix, so I really hate to hide them. Of course, I can see them at home when he sits around in stocking feet.

Robin said...

$#1.36!?!?!? WOW! Great find! I love the socks with the different toes and heels.