Friday, May 30, 2008

Baldacci X 2

I just read two more books by David Baldacci--Split Second and Simple Genius. It turns out that I've read numbers one and three of a series. Now I'll have to beat it back to the library next week for book two. It would really be helpful if all authors numbered their series or something.

Both of the books were really suspenseful thrillers, which is what I needed while dealing with the chaos that constitutes the end of school. Actually, I manage fairly well with student-generated chaos, but administratively created contradictory instructions really get on my nerves. I sneaked into hiding at one point today and knit a few surreptitious rounds on a sock just to calm my nerves. All that remains is the faculty breakfast in the morning followed by a checkout in the office. Hallelujah!

Knitting progress--I've begun the sleeves on Wallaby 2. Baby M1 is not very big, so they will go quickly.

I also got the Folk Vests book on interlibrary loan. I am glad that I did that before buying it. The sizing in the book is a problem. I'm going to have to consider whether or not I want to invest in a book that I will have to work so hard to adapt, or just write down a few ideas and look for other patterns on Ravelry.


Deb said...

Lucky you to be out of school! 15 more days for me.

You've been tagged at my blog for a getting to know you meme!

Robin said...

UH-OH! I'm reading Simple Genius. Is it #1 or #3?? Congratulations for making it through the school year!!