Saturday, May 17, 2008

A First

Somehow I had managed never to have read a Stephen King novel. I'd read some short stories, watched several of the movies, listened to book reports on some of the novels, and even read his book about the craft, On Writing. I am not a great fan of horror stories, but I really liked what I saw of some of his work as it was adapted to film--Christine, Dolores Claiborne, and The Stand, in particular. In fact, a certain phrase from Dolores Claiborne, together with "Towanda!" from Fried Green Tomatoes, became something of a catchword for me, my daughter, and occasionally a friend of hers when it came to standing up for ourselves and getting our own back.
Earlier this week, I checked out Duma Key from the local public library. It was an original, interesting, and suspenseful read. I will not say that I couldn't put it down because I did have to put it down several times because I was so jumpy that I could not keep reading and had to quit for awhile. I know now that I will read more of his work.

As a side note--I do not watch The Shining--the one with Jack Nicholson--ever. I do not talk about it; I do not walk through a room while anyone else is watching it; I won't watch advertisements or previews when it is to be shown on tv. We went to see it in the theater when I was pregnant with my first child, at that time in my pregnancy when one is prone to nightmares. I dreamed that movie every night for a couple of months! It was a few years before I could stand to watch Jack Nicholson in anything. Even though I know that King was not terribly pleased with the movie either, that there is a new version, and that this new version is presumably much closer to the book and his original theme--I don't care! Not watching it--no way, no how!

I've spent the day with my 14-month-old DGD and some time with my son when he came to pick her up. That's always a treat.

I have also put together my our new computer setup. A 17-inch laptop with an extra monitor that extends my desktop to spread windows out so I can go back and forth more easily, and an external keyboard and mouse. I can type much faster on a "real" keyboard, and the trackpad on a laptop slows me down as well. This will, however, give me portability when I need it. Work aside, it is great for Ravelry, with Ravelry up on one screen and friends' blogs popping up on the other. I am also enjoying having an up-to-date e-mail program again that will let me organize incoming mail, sort out junk, and organize myself with calendar and note capabilities.

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Carrie said...

Once you get used to the two monitors, there is NO comparison!

Now that you've finished Duma Key, you can try Dreamcatcher, where you can learn 9 million euphemisms for going #2 (including "offloading freight"). It doesn't have quite the same ring as the Dolores Claiborne phrase, though.